Effective Meetings: The Six Hat Method

Six Hats Method



To further improve the efficiency of meetings using the 6 hats method™. An unstructured decision making process is characterized by for example endless discussion, lack of focus and or lack of action plan. Many similar courses rightly try to tighten up on for example agenda setting, time management and removing distractions. This course complements these basic ideas and focuses on using the natural dynamics of how people communicate to improve the meeting process. 


Project or department teams
Individual managers


2 x 3 hours to introduce it to a project team
6 follow up coaching meetings/sessions with chairperson


Reminder of basic methods to improve meeting efficiency, agenda setting, time allocation and removing distractions.
Meet with project or department team to introduce the 6 thinking styles.
Create an understanding of how these 6 styles shape and distort the meeting process.
Look at how to use the different thinking styles to resolve specific problems in the meeting, e.g. conflict, losing focus, and lack of response.
Use role plays to make the decision making process more visible.
6 sessions in live meetings with feedback for the chairperson.



Angus Hawkins