Satisfied Customers

I have worked in the Gothenburg / Västra Götaland area since 2002 and have worked with many different clients and on varying assignments. I understand the value of client list that is full of well known names. People find such lists useful for establishing whether the person/company they are reading about will be a good choice.
Here are a few well known and less well known companies have I enjoyed working with over the past ten years.
Volvo, SKF, KappAhl, Lindex, Stena Metall, Göteborgsuniversitet / Handelshögskola, Akzo Nobel, Göteborgsstad, Alingsåskommun, Astra Zeneca.
Abba Seafoods, Autoliv, Elanders, ESAB, Gunnebo, Findwise, Gotevent, Lernia, LPI, Manpower, Länsstyrelse i Gävleborg, Sahlgrenska, Santa Maria, Sahlgrenska, TRR, Turnils, VIAB